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“These people will charge higher rate than in the market.”

2 weeks agoNEW
The most respect profession comes with big responsibilities, taking care of us all! Most desirable place is “SUN RISE HOSPITALS, hayathnagar.
2 months ago
Good Hospital amongst Hayathnagar vicinity. Friendly and homely environment and staff. Fair Billing and explanation to our questions is the best, which I have observed during my mother treatment I recent past.
a month ago
I joined bone fracture due to accident quick response , Very good staff and especially icu 24hrs caring , Dr. Praveen reddy sir treatment good & overall good
11 months ago
Me and my wife met with an accident by skidding rear wheel of my 2 wheeler.
We were taken to Sunrise Hospital hayathnagar as it’s nearby from the accident location
a year ago
We have admitted our grand father in sunrise hospital with COVID 19 critical situation, they have given good treatment and had taken good care of him and my grand father recovered very soon.. Thanks to General Physician and Pulmonologist who helped him for speedy recovery.
11 months ago
Had a quick response for emergency service. Very caring nursing staff and good treatment by Dr.Praveen Reddy Sir (Orthopaedic). Extremely happy with the hospital service
8 months ago
Excellent hospital. Very good treatment and 24hrs continuous monitor by nurses. Thanks to Dr. Malla Reddy and Mr. Harish
11 months ago
My uncle got admitted for Hypoglycemia management. Dr.MallaReddy ensured immediate stabilization and discharging in a single day. Would recommend SunRise Hospital for emergency care.
2 years ago
One of the waste hospital in the locality.

I had visited this hospital for some emergency. Receptionist first told us to