What is Influencer Marketing?

It is a marketing strategy by an Influencer to create brand awareness, traffic on the website and increase product sales. Now you wonder who this Influencer is and where to find them. So, an Influencer is a person able to affect, motivate and influence a group of people in a specific niche. Top influencers are trusted by their followers for their advice.

Most of the influencers are available on different social media networks. We have specialized influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Quora, Pinterest, and Blogs. Influencer marketing can be achieved online through the above social networking sites.

Influencer marketing is ten times more effective than new customer acquisition and online brand awareness. We can find influencers based on our niche, location & platform. The cost of influencer marketing can range from a few hundred dollars to millions of dollars.

This article will explain everything you want to know about influencer marketing strategy.

Why Influencer Marketing?

Relevance: The Influencer chosen for marketing has similar brand equity. If you want to promote any product, you should seek an influencer already engaged in that field. This allows him to be familiar with the problems and solutions to make it more simple.

Communication: Influencers with good communication skills have a remarkable ability to influence others. In this way, people will be easily affected to adopt the product or services you want to sell.

Connections: Influencers must be connected to people on a large scale. For example, you should choose a big channel with many viewers rather than a small-medium. This will ensure a large audience sees and knows about your product at a particular time.

Reputation: Reputation of the Influencer plays a very crucial role. Highly respected Influencers help small businesses succeed and provide recognition.

Cost-effective: Publishing ads on different web pages, banners, and television are too expensive. The solution to this problem is to provide a platform for people to freely come and receive information about the product via the Influencer. Hence it is a cheaper medium.

How to use influencer marketing for your business?

Influencer Marketing is an essential tool from small businesses to large MNCs such as BMW. Influencer Marketing is now everywhere. They profoundly impact our subconscious minds and can affect sales worldwide. According to a survey, 60% of consumers have been influenced by a social media post before shopping. Now, using it includes various steps which need to be appropriately followed.

Finding the Influencer

This is the first step in finding the Influencer by observing, asking people, and researching the most relevant Influencer for your work.

Analysis of background

Depth analysis of the Influencer is necessary to hire him. We need to research his work experience, active followers, engagement rate, CTR, demographic details, etc. Most importantly, checking whether he was involved in any illegal or socially unaccepted activities, as it’ll affect your business reputation in the market.

Establishing contact

Establishing contact with Influencer is done after finding and analysing. It would be best if you connected with them to make it work. Many of them get approached very often. So it would help if you stood apart to draw his attention. Contact can be mediated through emails, calling, video conference, messages, etc.

Give information

Now provide all the necessary information you want him to know. Let him know deeply about your brand. Most importantly, tell about the population that needs to be targeted depending on the product as toys are not captivating for college students.

Providing resources

Now provide all the resources you want to use in promotion. These resources could be photos, tags lines, videos, and so on. Keep in touch with the Influencer and guide him as needed.

Best Influencer marketing strategies

1. Find the people who influence you and get in touch with them.

The easiest way to find influential people is through social media. Search by topic to see conversations being had and who is speaking up. Follow influential people and see who they follow. Regular discussions about your industry are encouraged (e.g., #ppcchat on Twitter every week).

2. Set up a budget and a management plan.

Once you know how much influencers should be paid, it is time to set your budget. You should also consider the time required to plan, execute and review your influencer program. A successful influencer marketing campaign cannot be done in a one-time-only fashion. Monitor and follow-up are essential.

3. Dominate Your Niche

It would help if you were an authority to lead your field. You can’t just know a lot about many subjects. You need to focus on a single area and make it your own.

4. Influence Influencers

Many people believe that to be an influential and well-respected figure in their field, one must reach as many people as possible. However, things can get more complicated. Influencer marketing does not mean gaining a lot of people. It’s about going to the right people.

5. Building Brand Awareness

Influencers will make your brand known to thousands of people. Because they are learning about your brand through someone they trust, they will be more likely to follow your social media accounts or learn about your company.

6. Be authentic, accessible, and responsive

A positive image of accessibility can make a big difference in improving your standing and visibility in your field. Social media is a powerful tool for influencer marketing. However, it’s important to remember to include the social aspect of social media. Be active in the community and interact with your followers.


In today’s highly competitive market, influencer marketing is a powerful tool. There is no single approach to influencer marketing that works for everyone. It is essential to try new things to find out what works and doesn’t work for your niche.