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NC hospitals is pioneered as one of the best orthopedic hospital in hyderabad as we have dedicated & supportive team of physicians, surgeons, and healthcare professionals to provide quality service under one roof. We got world-class equipment to conduct complex surgeries. We got top cardiologists in hyderabad to treat patients with multiple heart diseases like Coronary Heart Disease, Congenital Heart Disease, Cardiomyopathy.

We had a proven record in performing complex orthopedic surgeries in the city. NC hospitals tied up with Top class Orthopedics in city to perform various treatments like knee replacement surgery, Spinal surgery, Orthopedic trauma etc., Doctors available round the clock for any emergencies and follow up procedures.

In-patients rooms are well designed as it allows the natural lighting and ventilation to the room which allows patient to recover in less time. Post discharge, we follow up regularly with the patient about his recovery as our dedicated doctors will clarify all doubts. It’s all because of our commitment and care towards our patients we got recognized as best hospital for orthopedic in hyderabad. Get an Appointment now to have a quality treatment in affordable price structure.

Specialty Services Offered


Heart is the vital organ for a human being and we need to protect it from various diseases. Regular exercises and healthy diet makes your heart stronger . Identify the early symptoms and take appropriate treatment to avoid major risks. There are many different types of heart diseases, including coronary artery disease, congenital heart defects, cardiomyopathy, and others. We provide top quality treatment for different cardiological procedures as we are having world class equipment for complex heart surgeries. We have best cardiologists in hyderabad to treat all your heart related diseases.


Tooth decay is common amongst adults and children nowadays as poor oral hygiene leads to the problem. Avoid sugary foods and chocolates which enable bacteria to harm tooth. Treat your Cavities immediately to avoid tooth damage. Calcium also play vital role in developing good tooth, have a calcium rich foods to avoid dental problems. We have highly qualified dentists to treat all types of tooth defects. We even perform cosmetic surgeries to correct the teeth. Get the Appointment now to treat all your dental issues.


Strong Bones makes Strong Person, get calcium rich diet and do regular walking or even jogging helps to build strong bones. Calcium can be obtained from dairy products, but it is best absorbed through the consumption of vegetables and fruits. We need to take much care post 4o years of age as our knees, joints and ankles get weaker in this phase. Getting early treatment avoids major bone damage, identify the signals given by the body and act promptly to ensure good health of the bones. NC Hospitals are best known for their orthopedic surgeries, please consult us for quality treatment. Book an Appointment now.

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