Key Features

Quality Care

Our continuous search for best practices in healthcare has lead to our superior quality and performance. We have emerged as ‘leaders in the field’ with our rare and complex procedures, employing most advanced technology for quick and safe treatment.


Technological superiority forms our backbone for the human medical resources to deliver services efficiently and safely. We embrace emerging technologies that continuously advance the capabilities of modern medicine.


Our medical team includes skilled professionals who excel in clinical and surgical skills of advanced procedures that benefits the patients by minimal pain and discomfort, less time in the hospital, faster recovery period, quicker resumption of your regular routines in life, less scarring and elimination of many potential complications from conventional surgery.

  • Surgical suites with full integration systems and cutting-edge medical equipment.
  • Trauma Center with multiple trauma rooms and a dedicated CT scanner enables doctors to identify what’s wrong with patients immediately upon their arrival.
  • Intensive Care Units employ a “line of sight” approach that ensures 360 degree access to critically ill patients.
  • Surgical Observation Unit is a specialized area where patients receive additional post-operative or post-procedural care.
  • Rehabilitation Services Department provides inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services – physical and occupational therapy.

The best team of doctors with excellent experience and expertise in all the specialties. Our team doctors are board certified, experienced in wide range of subspecialties and passionate about improving patient care. Large team available round the clock ( night and day even on weekends) . Our integrated care team ensures that our patient’s physical, mental and support systems are working together to produce a holistic outcome.


Our medical team includes skilled professionals who excel in clinical and surgical skills of advanced procedures that benefits the patients by minimal pain and discomfort, less time in the hospital , faster recovery period, quicker resumption of your regular routines in life, less scarring and elimination of many potential complications from conventional surgery.

Community service

In our efforts to contribute to the cause of medical welfare of the region, we are delivering the quality medical care to people of the remote places through our mobile hospitals.

About Doctor

Dr. M.V. Rao is a reputed and specialized General Physician (MD) treating patients for over 30 years in the field. He is a friendly yet professional doctor who knows how to make his patients comfortable in the environment and talk about their health issues openly. Some of the significant medical conditions he treats include rheumatoid arthritis,diabetes, autoimmune diseases, Fever of unknown origin and tropical diseases. He has been publishing health related articles in leading newspapers of the Telugu states to create awareness among the general public. He also appears on electronic media to educate the general public.

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Services offered
  • Cardiology services
  • Interventions
  • Primary Angioplasty
  • Complex Angioplasties
  • Peripheral Angioplasty
  • Device closures of PDA/ASD
  • Complex PTCA
  • Radial Angioplasty

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services offered
  • Adenoidectomy, tonsillectomy, septoplasty, turbinoplasty, FESS, rhinoplasty, endo DCR, tympanoplasty, mastoidectomy, stapedotomy, ossiculoplasty, hearing implant surgeries, thyroidectomy, submandibular and parotid gland surgeries, head and neck surgeries.

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Services offered
  • Management of High Risk Obstetrics
  • Painless Labor
  • Post Menopause Rx
  • All types of Gynecological management
  • Infertility Management
  • laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgery
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

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What is Thyroid Cancer?

Thyroid cancer affects the cells of the thyroid. The thyroid is a gland present in the base of the neck area, below the thyroid cartilage, also known as adam’s apple. It is a butterfly-shaped organ that cannot be felt or seen from the surface of the skin. The thyroid gland has two types of cells: follicular cells – help in making thyroid hormone by using iodine in the blood, and C cells – produce calcitonin, which controls calcium levels in the body. Thyroid cancer can occur in many types and growths. It can also be benign (does not spread) or malignant (spreads to other areas). There are four types of thyroid cancer – papillary, follicular, medullary, and anaplastic thyroid cancer.

weight losing diets harm kidneys

Kidney and its Function

Kidneys primarily produce urine and purify the blood  by excreting waste and other chemicals. Kidneys are among the most important organs in the human body which flush out harmful and toxic waste products and maintain the balance of water, fluids, minerals, and chemicals, such as electrolytes like sodium and potassium.

Apart from excreting the excess water and metabolic waste products, kidneys play a vital role in maintaining bone health and help in the production of hemoglobin.

Each kidney is a conglomeration of a million nephrons. These nephrons have limited capacity to regenerate. Only the tubular cells of the nephron can regenerate following damage. The rest of the cells comprising the nephron cannot regenerate, hence damage to them can be permanent.

Cervical Cancer: An overview


What is cervical cancer?

Cancer is a large group of diseases resulting from the uncontrolled division of cells triggered by various reasons. Depending on the organ in which it occurs, cancer gets its name. Cervical cancer occurs in the cervix, the region at the end of the uterus connecting it to the vagina. Women above 30 are at high risk of developing this cancer. HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) is the main cause of this disease and is usually transmitted sexually. There are two types of cervical cancer, squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma. Symptoms are rarely detected early as it becomes evident only in the last stages.




  • Swapna

    Dr. Chiranjeevi is one of the best orthopaedics we have the privilege of meeting and we are very happy with the way she treats us just like family and the assurance we feel whenever we meet her for my mother in law is always compassionate and on a very positive note. The best doctor by far and thanks to her positive nature patients do not feel fear about their condition whatever it is.

  • Sujatha

    Dr. Datta Ram has been very kind and has given very good treatment. I m very much satisfied with his provided treatment. Even the sisters were very helpful. All staffs were very good at their respective services. Thank you doctor and sunshine hospitals.

  • Satish

    Often doctors suggest unnecessary treatments But their version is that they don't want any stone unturned.

    Treatments are effective. Very Qualitative doctors and staff. Bit expensive for middle class though

  • sampath kumar

    Consulted Dr.P MURAHARI(Spine surgeon) for my mother. He has explained her health condition and the surgery procedure very patiently to my family. The operation was successful,I would definitely recommend others. I am very thankful to the doctor and entire team.

  • Pradeep reddy

    Dr P Murahari is a very good doctor. He has undergone the surgery successfully. He is very friendly doctor and must be recommended for any spine issue. He is one of the best spine surgeon. We are very much satisfied with the treatment and services .

  • mrs sunita
    I got the best support from the Hospital coordinator. And regarding Dr. it was very nice experience. How they listen the patient problem and demonstrate the uses of medicine to patients it is first class. I really satisfied the hospitals service.
  • Mr Raj

    No doubt this is one of the best hospitals with amazing doctors in the city, and the worst part is bike parking, it’s very difficult for a patient/healthy person to go all the way to B5 and come back top of this there’s no elevators and it’s always too hot. The exit ramp is also narrow with too short turns.

    There’s an elevator from B4 but it doesn’t come down if you press the button and wait, one need call and request the operator to come to B4, elevators are always too too crowded regardless of the Covid.

    I would give FIVE STARS for everything except bike parking.

  • kumari

    Best hospital in the city. Have got advanced medication and well experienced doctors to save the lives. It is a well known brand as well having multiple branches over the INDIA. Patients are treated in a good manner. Reputed hospital for complicated surgeries and the success rate is also good (depends on the will power of patient as well). Although it has saved many lives with best treatment and surgeries.

  • Gopal

    We've had a great experience with Yashoda Hospitals - Secunderabad. Right from the process of admission to taking care of patients, the services are top notch. You wouldn't have to worry about anything else other than getting better while the rest of the things are taken care by the ...wonderful staff and support team. You have regular feedback sessions with all the departments on an everyday basis to understand if there is anything to improve further. I would say, there is nothing more to improve as it's already a better hospital to get treated......

  • Arpita

    Vishal Is One Of The Top Physiotherapist In Sunshine Hospital. He Is Doing Without Pain For Total Knee Replacement Physiotherapy.