Director & Chief Joint Replacement Surgeon – Hyderabad MultiSpeciality Hospital,
Director – Sri Srinivasa Hospital,

Visiting Consultant Joint Replacement Surgeon – Sri Srinivasa Hospital,

BBR Super Speciality Hospital,
Century Hospital.

Young and dynamic, with experience of 7000+ joint replacements, makes
the future of Orthopedics. His passion for serving the patients by putting them at the core of each activity made him come up with the idea of unique speciality in the field of medicine, At Hyderabad Multispeciality Hospital,

Our speciality is YOU” where YOU means “the Patient”

itself making it a holistic approach towards the treatment of the patient besides evidence based medicine.

Prior to setting up Hyderabad Multispeciality Hospital, he has been in senior clinical positions alongside great peers; great mentors including Padma Vibhushan Dr.K.H. Sancheti, Padma Bhushan Dr. N.S Laud, Dr. Harish Bhende, Dr. Thorsten Gherke, Dr.J.D. Chang, Dr.Russell E. Windsor, Dr. Chitranjan Ranawat and others at reputed national and international health care institutions. He is a leading faculty at various national and international forums in the field of orthopedics in Joint Replacements. His expertise in the field of Knee Replacement, hip replacements, revision surgeries has awarded him with the Best revision Hip Replacement Surgeon for the region. He is one of the leading specialists in revision surgeries and has headed many successful procedures related to re-explorations. He is known for converting situations of no hope into successful procedures with his expertise and proper planning and dynamic execution.

Dr. Shreen Khan’s Pioneering Efforts:

Performed Joint Replacement Surgeries on patients from USA, Middle East, South Africa, Tanzania and Nigeria.

“Young Achiever in Joint Replacements Award”

presented at the Indo US Global Healthcare Summit 2015 The youngest Faculty in the country in the field of Joint Replacements.

First in India to have attained the Surgical Scholarship Programme in the Hospital for Special Surgery,USA- (Ranked #1 Center for Orthopaedics in the USA)



Dr Shreen Khan | Best Orthopedic Doctor in Hyderabad | Hip, Knee Joint Replacement Surgeon.

Address: Hyderabad MultiSpeciality Hospital, 16-2-674/11, Judges Colony, New Malakpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500036

Phone Number: 083097 71005

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We know the importance of dedicated primary health care and the specialized medical professionals in Dr. Shreen Khan’s team understand the value of right medical solutions. We treat you with special care and offer best assessment.

Dr. Shreen Khan is one of the Best Orthopedic Doctor in Hyderabad  with extensive experience in the area of joint replacement for a span of 15+ years.

When under the care of Dr. Shreen Khan’s team, you will be entitled to in-depth counseling of your medical conditions before getting started with the treatment.

Besides treating the medical conditions, our team also ensures offering preventative health advice specifically relevant to you.

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  • Sahil

    Hi, I was suffering with my Knee Pain since 1 month. I had been to some other Hospitals, not satisfied the treatment given by them. At last I came to Dr. Shreen Khan for my problem. She explained and said within no time I will become normal and alright. She will not give preference to medicines. He asked us to do only some exercises which will decrease our Pain. Thanks Best Hospital For Knee Replacement Surgery

  • Haripriya

    I am patient of Dr. Shreen Khan since a couple of years. I came actually to replace my Knee Joint, but doctor says my Knee x-ray qualifies for Surgery; clinically I am not fit for Surgery. She has given medicines for some time and asked me to come back. Really I fell she is a good doctor. Her saying towards pain is "RESPECT PAIN". This saying came true in my life. Thanks to doctor and the staff who receives the patients in a polite way.

  • Ramana reddy

    Doctor is very polite. We are very much satisfied with the treatment given by her. Hospitality services and the coordination between the staff and the patient are appreciable. "KEEP IT UP" Best Orthopedic Doctor in Hyderabad

  • Rana masood

    ppy with: Doctor Friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction The doctor is very polite and pleasing nature. Her explanation about the problem is very clear and I personally thank her for making the patient to understand. I came here for my Knee Replacement. She suggests that we need to use all basic line treatment, in case if we have no relief then the last option to go is Surgery. Now we are using the basic line treatment and will be back after 3 months. Thanks

  • Devid

    Visited For Knee Pain Treatment I came to Dr. Shreen Khan for my Knee Pain. I was happy with her treatment and the exercises what she taught me to do. My Knee Pain has been reduced with exercises. Thanks

  • Chetaniya

    Happy with: Treatment satisfaction Doctor is very friendly and polite, having a vast experience in this field. I am satisfied with the treatment and explanation of the doctor. Thanks. Best Knee Joint Replacement Surgeon in Hyderabad

  • Kalavathi

    I had my total Knee Replacement Surgery in Hyderabad MultiSpecialty Hospital a month ago. Now I am comfortable and able to do all my daily activities. The surgery pain will come down slowly as the day’s passes. Friends, who are suffering with knee pain, please don't afraid for going Knee Replacement Surgery. It is a simple and planned surgery. Within a couple of hours they make you to walk, couple of days they will send us home too. Thanks to doctors and staff who supported us during our stay in hospital.

  • Jaya

    Dr Shreen Khan mam has been very concerned about my problem and listened to my problem and could really understand my problem so well that he could even tell me my occasional symptoms too. I can say she is one such doctor who doesn't just treat pain but treats the cause of pain. Best Orthopedic Surgeons in Hyderabad Thanks Google Reviews for guiding me. Best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Hyderabad

  • Vankatesh

    Wish I had met him earlier as I have been suffering from Knee Pains since long. Now that I have got my Knees Replaced I am not only able to do my own activities but also able to help my family members who are much elder to me.
    Thanks to Dr. M. Pradeep Reddy for giving me a new life all together.I strongly recommend him to all the patients suffering from Knee Pains.

  • Kasturi

    I came to Shreen Khanfor my Knee Replacement Surgery. But he suggested me that this is not right time to undergo the same. As per x-ray my knee is suitable for surgery but as per physical investigation I am not fit for Knee Replacement Surgery now. He asked me to do Knee related exercises and to take limited medicines which has no role of spoiling kidneys. Thanks to the doctor. The hospital staff is very polite. I appreciate the way they treat the patient. Best Orthopedic Hospital in Hyderabad

  • Kamlesh

    I was treated by Dr. Pradeep reddy for my back pain. I am very happy as my pain has disappeared after undergoing physiotherapy and with minimum medicines prescribed by the doctor. Now day’s doctors used to write lot of medicines for small complaints, but this doctor will suggests us to do exercises. I am very happy. Best Orthopedic Doctor in Hyderabad

  • Shirisha

    I was suffering with back pain and ankle pain. I searched for Orthopedic Doctor in Hyderabad.
    I got Dr. Shreen Khan Orthopedic in this area. He explained clearly and asked us not to take so many medicines for such problem. Given minimal tablets and shown some exercises related to spine and ankle. Thanks to doctor


Your knee joint is simply the hinge between two bones, the thigh bone (femur) and the shin bone (tibia) whose ends are covered with a thick cushion of soft, white cartilage. Due to wear and tear, age or other factors this cartilage begins to wear away and thus the underlying bones rub together causing extreme pain and inflammation.


The knee of a woman is not simply a smaller version of a Man’s knee. There are differences involve the bones, ligaments and tendons in the joints therefore merely a different size for women doesn’t resolve differences. There is proof that the shape of women’s knees typically fall into different ranges than men’s therefore making these differences significant.


Minimally invasive total knee Arthroplasty (MIS) simply uses a smaller incision (3 to 4 inches) as against the former which requires a large incision (8 to 12 inches) and also causes significant disruption of the muscles and tendons.


I ASSIST by our Dr. Neelam V. Ramana Reddy, A leading orthopedic surgeon and Senior Consultant for joint replacement in Hyderabad.

I-ASSIST is basically a computer assisted stereotaxic surgical instrument system.


Arthritis of knee is the world’s leading cause of disability. Arthritis causes pain, swelling, inability to walk, reduced bending of knee, inability to sit cross legged, deformity and so on


This innovation in knee replacement surgery is called patient matched instrumentation. Using this approach a CT scan and an X-ray of the patient scheduled to undergo the surgery is first taken.

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